WELCOME to our new blog!

This is my new wordpress blog and I am sooooo happy to welcome you here.

This new blog ROCKS!!!

Throughout this blog I plan to share with you selections of my favourite images from our Weddings and Engagement sessions. I’ll also add in anything else ‘bridal’ or wedding related that I feel relevant. I love researching weddings – once I start googling and clicking on peoples links I travel to blogs from all around the world… what did we do before the www?

Did you notice the new logo? I decided that in honour of the new minimal blog, I had to tidy up the logo. I might be (ok, I am) a little biased… but I think it looks FAB. U. LOUS!!!

Oh, I thought it was fair that I introduce you to myself…

Hi, I am Angie and this is me… I really hope to see you back here soon or come and say hi on Facebook – link should appear shortly on the top of the page.

Angie xx