I was late to the wedding because… the horse bolted!

Another fabulous Couture Bridal Portrait.

I have lots of people to thank for this one. Let me first start by telling you a bit of background to developing the shoot.

I had never heard of vaulting before my makeup artist Rochelle mentioned it to me. One of her neighbours, Lyn, coaches vaulting and even Rochelle’s 8 yr old daughter is training in this sport. It got me thinking though… could we actually have a bride, in a wedding dress doing acrobatics on a horse? I was so surprised when our vaulter, Krystle was willing to give it a go – we were even happier when she said she would try to do as many maneuvers as she could whilst dressed in a wedding gown.

So Krystle is not a bride (she tells me not ready for that just yet) however she is a fabulous athlete. She is currently traveling throughout Europe training and participating in Vaulting competitions. She is the current NSW State Vaulting Champion and has made it through to participate in the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in October. Krystle, you are truly amazing! Thanks for all you effort on the day.

Lyn coaches the Sydney Vaulting Group, who are based in Oakville and she tells me they cater for all ages and abilities – even grooms! You can find out more on their website

Thanks to Rochelle for the hair and makeup – brilliant job and thanks for all your help assisting on the day   :)   You can contact her via email: rochellestylist@hotmail.com

Thanks to Kat from Petals and Leaves for her fabulous flowers – which you will see at the end of the shoot. You can find out more on their website  www.petalsandleaves.com.au

I really hope you enjoy this shoot as I think it’s kinda spectacular   :)

Angie xx

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