We were late to the wedding because… we missed the train!

This is the storyline from our latest in the series:

Chris and Tawny decided to have ‘first look’ which is a bit of a new trend (you meet up with your bride or groom before the wedding for some photographs as sometimes there isn’t time for photographs in between the ceremony and the reception.) Straight after this they jump on a train to head to their ceremony, they wait at the station and finally the train arrives but it doesn’t stop. A little frustrated, they wait and wait and then wait some more. Then they release that it’s their wedding day… they remember this is going to be one of the most memorable days of their lives and they start to have a bit of fun. They get a little romantic and they start to dance on the platform. While they’re dancing, they hear the sound of the train whistle. The train arrives and they make their way to the wedding.

Oh the same day, I took Chris and Tawny to another fabulous location – you can see that shoot here.

A big thanks to Chris and Tawny – who were such fabulous fun and really got into the spirit of the shoot. They told me aftewards they went out to dinner afterwards and couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had. If you are wondering about the location – we did the shooton the Bottom Points station which is the station right at the bottom of the Zig Zag Railway – it also happens to be the station where they host the Harry Potter train rides.

Also, more thanks to Kat from Petals and Leaves… this is my ultimate favourite bouquet that she has created so far. I just love the simplistic feel of the bouquet to give it that ‘just picked’ feel. Of course a big thanks to Tahlia who always does such a great job on our makeup.

Flowers: Petals and Leaves

Makeup: Tahlia Wood Mobile Makeup Artist

Location: Zig Zag Railway

I hope you enjoy this one

Angie xx

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