Jeremy and Trudy’s Wedding – Watsons Bay

Now for Part II – you can view part I here.  After the ceremony Ben and I got the chance to roam the Botanical Gardens with Jeremy , Trudy and their bridal party.

It was such a casual and relaxed shoot through the gardens. We stopped at our favourite spots and of course wherever the lighting was amazing! A lot of Jeremy and Trudy’s guests met up with us in the lower gardens and walked down to the bottom of the gardens with us.

Jeremy and Trudy had arranged a water taxi to pick them up next to the Opera House… and the timing was perfect for photographs on the steps of the Sydney Opera House while we waited. Ben jumped in the water taxi while I drove over to Watson’s Bay to meet them. The water taxi went into the middle of the harbour so Ben could take advantage of Sydney Harbour behind them – I also love the shots ben captured whilst inside the water taxi of everyone.

We met back up at Watson’s Bay and it was amazing. I really love all these photographs by the bay. My favourites though, are up at The Gap lookout. I tell you we were racing the sunset to get up there in time but we made it. You should have heard us walking up the steps (and there were a lot of them) “come on! we’re running out of light. we can make it!” And we did! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dancing in the sunset shots.

Jeremy and Trudy you’re wedding was so personalised and filled with so much meaning.

We wish you all the happiness and hope you’re having a wonderful time on your honeymoon.

Angie xx

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