Blue Mountains Wedding: Paul and Stella – A Backyard Ceremony

WOW!! What an amazingly colourful, deliciously hand-made, gorgeous backyard wedding!!

Again, I have too many favourites (surely you wont mind) and will be dividing the post into 2 parts. Please enjoy the 1st part, all shot in Paul and Stella’s home in Warrimoo in the Blue Mountains.

The bouquet is made from flowers from Stella’s parents garden – the white flowers in particular were from the tree Stella’s parents planted when she was born –  how special is that!!!

Paul and Stella have an amazing property that looks out onto bushland and it was important to them to include their home as part of their wedding day. Their yard slopes down to a rocky ledge which was the perfect spot for Paul and Stella to share their vows. Stella had spent many nights crafting the handmade flowers that lined the path.

The last photo shows the gorgeous YAY flags that were handed out to everyone! I LOVE the YAY flags and they were a hit with the guests and of course Stella made these too. There are plenty more hand made details in part 2, so stay tuned!

Angie xx