Kevin and Erin’s Blue Mountains Wedding at Yester Grange, Wentworth Falls

I am so excited to share Kevin and Erin’s gorgeous Blue Mountains wedding with you!!!!

This wedding was held at Yester Grange in Wentworth Falls. It’s an amazing venue and Erin and her family organised the wedding perfectly to suit. We loved all the extra details that made their wedding so personalised: Erin’s dad’s Ford adorned with a Barbie bride and tulle, the hand made confetti cones – let me tell you that confetti sure was a hit (AND BTW – WE LOVE CONFETTI!) The additional flowers that were placed around the property, the gorgeous headpiece Erin wore in her hair and the tattooed ring of Erin’s name that Kevin now wears permanently on his finger, the hand fasting and their celebrant – an old family friend who has known both Kevin and Erin for years. My favourite part though, was the speeches… they always get me.

Congratulations to Erin and Kevin – we wish you all the best for all the years to come. It was an absolute pleasure being able to share your day with you.

Enjoy our take on your day :)

Angie xx