Wollongong Wedding: Matt and Jenna

Bagpipes and kilts!!!

We arrived at the church to the sound of Matt’s father warming up his bagpipes in the car park. Matt and his groomsmen arrived soon after proudly displaying their kilts and knee high socks. All of the men certainly made a great impression.

Not to be outdone, Jenna arrived in a white stretch limousine and looked gorgeous in a beautiful white layered gown escorted by her own ‘scotsman’ – her father (who may or may not be Scottish) sporting a kilt as well. Once in position Matt’s father piped up his bagpipes and lead the way into the church. Certainly one of grandest entrances that we have seen.

Straight after the ceremony Matt and Jenna managed to squeeze in 1 of 2 cake cuttings of the day and then headed off to the Wollongong Botanical Gardens. This was an important location to them as Matt and Jenna are proud gardeners. The first stop in the gardens was the rotunda where Matt and Jenna stole their first kiss. After weaving our way through several other gorgeous spots, Matt left the bridal party and took Jenna to a surprise location… the cottage gardens that Jenna had been waiting all year to see in bloom. She was happy for Matt to lead her down several garden paths before they left for their reception.

We headed up the mountain to Mount Kembla and a lovely little venue called Ruby’s. It used to be a general store but it’s now a restaurant with a great functions marquee. The marquee was white chiffon and fairy lights… sometimes it’s the classic things that just work. Also to make a classic entrance, Matt and Jenna through a curve ball by entering to the theme from Star Trek – a small touch that Ben appreciated.

Hope you enjoy some of our favourite photographs from the day.

Angie xx