McKell Park Wedding: Neb and Cristin

Cristin and Neb hail from the US and have been planning their wedding for a long time. Since they knew a lot of their friends wouldn’t be able to make it to Australia for the wedding they had an engagement ceremony back home. As they were having a small intimate ceremony and wanted to enjoy a lunch reception with their guests immediately after, a ‘first look’ location shoot was perfect for them. So we caught up with Cristin and Neb before their ceremony, early on a Sunday morning.

The morning of the wedding, in fact the whole week before (in fact, most of October) it was raining. Although rain is not the desired weather for a wedding, you can get some amazing photographs. The rain makes everything glisten and you can play around with reflections – not to mention the UMBRELLA’S… WE LOVE UMBRELLA’S!!!!!!  We always have them with us but in this case Cristin had found her own. Neb and Cristin were such good sports and weren’t bothered at all by the rain… I think they actually had more fun!

Cristin is a member of the Offbeat Bride Tribe (it’s a portal for alternative and DIY brides) which meant their wedding was bound to be a little different. They personalised their ceremony with lots of rituals… there was the smudging (an american indian tradition to cleanse the ceremony,) the ring warming (love the shots of their guests blessing the rings) and a hand fasting. Both Neb and Cristin read a favourite reading to each other and it was really sweet. Cristin wore a charm bracelet filled with charms from her girlfriends (would be bridesmaids) to represent either themselves or their connection with Cristin, this was their way to be with there in spirit.

I hope you enjoy some of our favourites from the day.

Angie xx