I was late to the wedding because… I wandered into the land of the lost!

NOOOO!! This is the last in our series. Perhaps I’ve been holding off on this one because it would mean it really will be all over.

Ben and I have had an amazing time shooting this series and we have enjoyed the process of putting into print the ideas that have been running through our heads.

Next year we will create a smaller series and we hope they will be just as amazing. If you know of any wedding vendors who would like to be involved please ask them to get in contact with me. Can’t wait to get thinking creatively about these. This time I am looking for stylists, gown designers, jewellery designers, shoe designers and anything else that is wedding related – or perhaps you’ve seen something really quirky that would work well within our shoots? I’d love to hear from you.

Ok – back to our shoot – we call it “The Land of The Lost” for short and the story goes like this:

Olivia is having some bridal portraits done before she heads out to get married (as you do.) when all of a sudden she’s slipped through time and finds herself in an old world with prehistoric creatures and giant insects. She avoids getting stung by giant wasps, she escapes a giant lizard (who followed her scent for a long time, she sits still enough so a crocodile misses her and sneaks by a pair of tigers to wander back into her reality.

A big, BIG thanks to Olivia who was amazing and who was able to share our vision (even though she was probably thinking – what? you want me to pretend there’s a giant wasp chasing me????!!) Good sport Miss Olivia  :)   Oh and not to forget everyone else involved:

50’s Inspired Dress: Dolly Couture

Hair, Makeup and Accessories: The Leopard Lounge

Model: Olivia (available via contact through us)

Hope you enjoy :)

Angie xx