An Engagement Swimshoot: Stephen and Lisa

Thank goodness it was a warm day, thank goodness it didn’t rain and thank goodness Stephen and Lisa brought their bathers!!
This shoot is reminiscent of the photos your folks probably have stashed away – no don’t get the wrong idea – I mean photos from the 70’s – in old photo albums that don’t come out very often. I remember seeing photos of myself as a little toddler in a bikini, an inflatable dinghy on the banks of a river in some national park and my parents (and aunties and uncles) with their long hair parted in the middle, looking all tanned – all the photos had a certain orangey tone.

So this shoot is a modern spin off of a day by the river – inspired by the 70’s. A big thanks to Stephen and Lisa for doing everything I suggested – no questions asked!!

Here’s some of my favourites from the day   :)

Angie xx