Field of Flowers: Maxine and Jason’s Sydney Engagement Photoshoot

Yes, I call them flowers… some people may call them weeds but they look so damn pretty in photos.

The farmer who owns the field thought I was a little mad when I tracked him down saying I would love access to this field for a photo shoot. He laughed and laughed even harder when he told me I was just lucky that he hadn’t got the slasher into the field yet.

When Maxine, Jason and I started planning for this shoot we had some pretty outrageous and crazy ideas. I loved the fact that they were also thinking big like me but that’s all part of the process… think big but then reel it in to something that’s achievable. What we ended up with was an Alice in Wonderland/Vintage Book Club kinda shoot.

Hope you enjoy some of my favourites    :)

Angie xx