Trash The Dress: Kailea and Paul in Little Bay

The morning after…. and what a morning it was!!!!! Kailea and I began planning this shoot when she was pregnant. I am amazed that now, 12 weeks after her baby was born she was back in her wedding dress. We worked on a concept and it couldn’t have worked out better! It had been Kailea’s dream to wear her wedding dress in the ocean and boy am I glad that she loved that idea!! A big thanks to Kailea and Paul for being willing to get up so early, to meet me in the (almost) dark, to strip down to their underwear (that’s right – they weren’t naked under the sheets) and then get into the water in their wedding attire   :)    You guys were amazing!!!  LOVE YOUR WORK! I would also like to make a special thanks to Corinne for helping out on the day!!! Can’t wait until I get a chance to do the next TRASH THE DRESS!! Here are some of my favourites… Angie xx