Jenolan Caves Wedding: Maxine and Jason. A Big Damn Wedding!

What an experience! Family and friends of Maxine and Jason will be talking about this wedding for many years to come I am sure.

The day started with rain – normally this might be a small issue (although with the weather lately we are getting used to rain) but because the wedding was to be in a cave we weren’t bothered… but the cave flooded.

No problems… the ceremony was moved to another cave where we were planning on doing the location shoot anyway … except just before the ceremony was to begin… we had a blackout.

No worries, the guides had lots of candles and passed these out to the guests… except it was so dark, we literally couldn’t see to focus our cameras! Luckily, Ben had carried his lighting pack down into the cave just in case and we found a handy tall gentleman to hold our light for us. At this point we need to mention Neal, the driver. Neal was booked just to drop Maxine and Jason off at the cave entrance but ended up coming into the caves and carrying some of our gear, then holding candles for the celebrant and guest speakers to read by. He even hung around and drove the couple back to their reception… above and beyond!!

The lights eventually came back on, the ceremony ended and we were onto the location shoot in the caves (there was another blackout but we were used to these by now.) We were running behind schedule but this didn’t matter because there were road closures – a power line had fallen, due to the wet ground – this was actually causing the blackouts but also blocked one of the exits. There were two roads out of the valley and the 2nd road opened shortly after.

Now, I have to mention how unique this wedding was. The celebrant spoke about atoms and particles aligning, guests read readings from books like “Once Upon a More Enlightened Time” – politically correct bedtime stories – I can’t wait to buy this book – it is a lot of fun!! Jason and Maxine ad libbed their wedding vows. Their invite was titled “Big Damn Wedding” it was a digital invite with a tyrannosaurus and a stegosaurus on the cover as Jason and Maxine. One of their dear friends decorated 2 little dinosaurs in top hat and tails and converse shoes – sooo cute! Their wedding cake was decorated with stick figure bride and groom and the table was decorated with books on dinosaurs. A trully unique wedding – with lots of gorgeous details!!!

Finally, here are some of my favourites from the day…

Angie xx