Hyde Park Engagement Shoot: Pete and Justine

In anticipation for Pete and Jussy’s wedding this weekend… here’s some of my favourites from our Hyde Park Engagement Session!!

Justine gave me some great feedback after our shoot… she loved the idea that they got to practice being photographed. Most of the time people aren’t used to being in front of the camera, let alone in a shoot that is all about them. Sometimes people are nervous and embarrassed but I find, by the end of the shoot everyone is always saying ‘it wasn’t what they thought it was going to be,’ ‘it was easy’ and ‘we even had fun!!’ What?? Fun?? HA! …you know, that’s all I ever want… everyone to relax, have a laugh, spend a bit more time getting to know each other and catch up on the plans for the upcoming wedding.

I love catching up with couples before their wedding for all of these reasons. This is why I recommend doing an engagement shoot and why I include them as part of our collections.

Enjoy and stay tuned for the wedding images!!!!

Angie xx