Angelica Peady {Fine Art Photography} Black Swan Lake

The latest instalment in our I was Late to the Wedding series is a fusion of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and the modern movie release Black Swan.

It’s a story of love – and a story of loss. The beautiful swan is doomed, never to make it to her nuptials after being cursed by an evil witch. Her story is one of chaos and madness, a decline from both sanity and grace as she loses hope of being rescued by her lover and accepts her fate – trapped forever without salvation.

This fabulous concept was the brainchild of Lea Moate of Willow Tree Creative and it was our great pleasure to collaborate with her to achieve a set of images that could visually represent the story. The challenges in fine art photography are in capturing the moods of the protagonist and we are excited with the end result – sultry, moody and emotive.

Our collaboration has seen a beautiful, timeless story told in contemporary images. The aesthetic is bold and confronting, every picture represents a chapter of this evolving tale – capturing wistfulness, hopefulness, introspection, loss, anger and despair.

At Angelica Peady Photography, we are not just wedding, boudoir and family portraiture specialist. We love to extend our skills and immerse ourselves in unusual, art-based projects that allow us to work with fabulous, creative people on exciting and innovative projects.
















Thank you to the amazing team who collaborated with Angelica Peady Photography on the ‘I was Late to the Wedding… I was cursed!’ project:

Photographic Styling:  Willow Tree Creative Services
Photography: Angelica Peady Photography
Costume:  Gallery Serpentine
Make Up: Jazmina Daniel
Model & Aerial Artist: Emma Goh.

If you have a fine art photography dream or a requirement for emotive, specialist images please do not hesitate to contact Angelica Peady Photography. From the ‘Land of the Lost’ to ‘Alien Abductions’ and a detour at the ‘Fairground’ we can capture your story in images today.
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