Angelica Peady {Sydney Newborn Photography} Baby Bliss

Whilst we spend most of our busy days photographing families and weddings, the team at Angelica Peady Photography is always excited to be invited to shoot a newborn baby.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a baby!? The smell, the little noises, those teeny fingers and squishy lips… it just makes my camera finger quiver!

The Angelica Peady approach to newborn photography is much the same as how we approach our portraiture work. We believe that the images should be candid, natural and authentic. We’re not into gimmicks or crazy props – we think the rawness and lovliness of a newborn should be captured just as that. You can’t enhance on the perfection that is a tiny little bundle of joy.

The immediate bonds between a mother and her child, the proud, protective father – these are the emotions that we want to show.

And the little poppet that we are sharing with you below – well, that’s exactly what we achieved… Here are just a handful of the shots that we captured on this week’s newborn shoot… if you are the slightest bit clucky it probably best to log off NOW….

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Angelica Peady Photography is available for newborn photography in Sydney metropolitan. It is best to photograph a newborn in the earliest weeks of birth when they are still sleepy and ‘cooperative’. We offer affordable packages including digital negatives for newborn photography starting at just $XXX. For more information contact the studio at any time!