Angelica Peady {Underwater Photography} Irvan and Angie’s underwater engagement shoot

If you are a regular reader of the Angelica Peady Photography blog you’ll know that we love to get immersed in creative concepts and quirky, interesting imagery. So when a client (also named Angie!) came to us with the fabulous idea of re-telling the Aesop’s Fable of ‘The Golden Axe’ we were genuinely excited – and of course, we said ‘let’s do it’.

Our own interpretation of this aged tale has a few ‘twists’ from the original but when it comes to creating amazing images – beautiful pictures (and fantasy) must come first! :)

Angie & Irvan are romantics at heart, so re-telling this tale with such loved-up ‘stars’ in front of the camera was easy – and resulted in truly stunning pictures that tell us this story…

A pretty water nymph sits by a lake playing her ukulele. Her soulful tunes attract the interest of a young man who intrigued follows her to the waters edge. He sits by her, enchanted – listening to her music and mesmerised by her beauty. Overcome, he surprises the nymph with a kiss and this unexpected gesture shocks her and she drops her instrument into the lake. The pair jump into the water in search of the ukulele…finally it is found and the pair together return to the shore to walk alongside one another hand in hand… 


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And dare we add – they lived happily ever after? :) If you are interested in an engagement shoot, underwater photography or having a creative concept told ‘in images’ by Angelica Peady Photography please do not hesitate to contact us.