Sydney Steampunk Wedding {Angelica Peady Photography} Sam & Gloria – Rouse Hill Farm & Nepean Belle

Sam and Gloria are exactly the kind of clients that Angelica Peady Photography aims to shoot. Cool, off-beat, fun and with a very big, very exciting vision for their wedding day. This was not your average ‘white wedding’ Sam and Gloria’s special day was a fully themed steam punk extravaganza and it’s so very fabulous we’ve split their day into two separate blog posts. For those that don’t know about steam punk you can see a previous Angelica Peady steam punk shoot here as well as an explanation of what it’s all about!

Sam and Gloria’s ceremony was held at beautiful Rouse Hill House and Farm in Sydney’s Hills District. Run by the Historic Houses Trust this location is a special combination of interesting Colonial architecture and beautiful grounds. The reception then followed on the Nepean Belle which is a paddlewheel boat! 

If you are a regular follower of Angelica Peady you will know that we are the Sydney wedding photographers who love a nuptials with a twist. We believe in the ‘your day, your way’ mantra – we think weddings should be a celebration of you and your beloved – be it fun and funky, highly themed, retro-inspired or very vintage, if it’s how you want to say ‘I do’ we’d love to be your photographer. Because truth be known, we are a little bit kooky ourselves ;)

So, without further ado, behold the event that really rocked our world. Details, theatrics, quirks and lots and lots of cool – the steam punk wedding. Stay tuned for follow-up post this month featuring Sam and Gloria’s vendor list and lots of lovely shots of all the finer elements that made their day… Love!


rouse hill house and farm wedding venue

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Lastly – the answer to what we know you want to know :) The most obvious question that I think our blog readers will ask when they admire this amazing wedding is ‘but why?’ so we have specifically asked Sam and Gloria this for you. And this is what they said…

Gloria ‘The steam punk themed wedding was actually Sam’s idea. I’ve heard of the term, but never realised that the elements I liked about Wild Wild West, Around the World in Thirty Days, or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, such as adventure, the unknown, amazing contraptions with long and amusing names fell under the umbrella of the “steam punk” genre.

I also love the unusual and dressing up, although I never actually had a chance to. Before we decided to do the theme, I was a little scared of the pressure that came with having a perfect white wedding, with flowers, and a string quartet. I will be the first to admit that graceful, I am not. After 15 minutes of looking into Steam punk, the fears of having that perfect white wedding was forgotten and I was hooked in; it was unusual and it allowed me to be the slightly strange, slightly quirky person that Sam… y’know… had a crush on!’ 

and this is what Sam had to say…

Sam ‘The main reason that I wanted to do a steam punk wedding is difficult to pinpoint (apart from the fact that I was hoping to avoid a conventional or religious wedding at all costs). It’s just that there is something about steam punk design that is exciting and captivating.

I’ve never really read any steam punk literature or followed the genre, although I have always been an avid science fiction fan. I have seen a number of films in the genre (such as The City of Lost Children, Wild Wild West and Steamboy, for example) and really fell in love with the flavour of invention and adventure, the combination of a bygone era with something truly novel, the Neo-Victorian clothing, the antique steam-powered machinery and the tones of the brass and polished timber. I think steampunk is a genre with such potential and flair and is actually quite romantic.

I liked having the opportunity to dress up in something unusual, which I wouldn’t get the chance to wear in day to day life and to have lunch on the Nepean Belle Paddlewheeler, which had a particular antique charm that coincided perfectly with our theme…’ 

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