Angelica Peady {Sydney Couples Boudoir} Coastal Loving (Hot, hot, hot!)

It’s not often that you can say you had a ‘sexy’ day at work but at Angelica Peady Photography we sometimes do have just that! We are well known as Sydney boudoir photographers but what you may not know is that boudoir is not just for the girls – it’s also for men and couples.

Couples boudoir is becoming more and much more mainstream than you might imagine. Yep, boys and gals across Sydney are baring all (or almost) and getting in front of the camera and having some fun celebrating their love and lust for one another!

So, this smoking hot duo is Paul & Kailea, they are gorgeous. So into one another and happy to let their hair down and enjoy being together in front of the camera. The pictures definitely speak for themselves, lots of gorgeous light, some very sexy bed sheets, just enough skin that you’d be still proud to share them with your Dad and two really beautiful people. Perfect!

Contact us today and let Angelica Peady Photography shoot your couples boudoir photography? Take a moment out of your busy lives to appreciate your partner and capture your feelings for one another in natural, delicious images. You’ll certainly cherish these pictures for years to come – don’t be shy, we assure you that you’ll never regret it!