Angelica Peady Sydney Wedding Photographer {Introducing…} Fab Friday Tips!

Welcome to our new series of fab Friday tips! They’ll be starting next week and we know that all of you in wedding planning mode will love them and those who just like a gorgeous pic or two will enjoy them as well!

As wedding photographers we – obviously – see a lot of weddings so here’s our new series of ‘once a week’ posts sharing our thoughts, observations and tips on your big day.

Okay, it’s just one more excuse for us to share some awesome images with you. Some of our most favourite old pics from the vault. And who’s going to complain about that?! :) But it’s also going to be genuine, practical, fabulous advice, tips and tricks so keep an eye out for them starting very soon…

And because no blog post is complete without an image, here’s a little wedding loveliness until then…more of this wedding to follow this month.