Angelica Peady: Sydney Wedding Photographer {Fab Friday Tip} Your First Dance

That first dance as a married couple can be a nerve-racking thing. Lots of men don’t like to dance, lots of couples don’t know how to dance and most people don’t enjoy being the only people on the dance floor with a few hundred eyes upon them!

What we’ve realised as wedding photographers is that you don’t have to be good dancers to make the ‘first dance’ a beautiful thing. You’ve just got to set those nerves aside and put your heart into it. Choose a song that means something and pretend you are the only people in the room. Or let your hair down and just get your silly but fun groove on. Because genuine emotions – be it laughter, tears or a bit of both – will be so embraced by your guests, much more so than a choreographed episode of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ or a painfully awkward shuffle.

You don’t have to be good. Just get into the moment 200% – that’s what counts.

If you really can’t stand the thought of a whole 3 and a bit minutes of stardom, a little trick that solves this is to have a single minute on your own as a couple and then ask your MC to ‘invite’ the rest of the bridal party to join you. All of a sudden this seems less like torture and more fun!

For couples that did it their way: did it with style, did it with gusto and did it with meaning? Check out some of our most fabulous images below.

Happy dancing.