Angelica Peady Wedding Photographer {Fab Friday Tips} Being ‘Given Away’

Being given away traditionally symbolised a bride being handed over in ‘bond’ from her father to her new husband. Today this term more loosely refers to being walked down the aisle by an important person or persons in a bride’s life.

Many brides still opt for their fathers to walk them down the aisle, knowing that the sentimentality of the gesture is a beautiful rite of passage.

Some brides now include their Mum’s and are escorted by both parents in a nod of respect to their mother’s contribution in raising them too.

Where fathers are not present, Mum’s have often been the sole parent and will give their daughter’s away or a brother; uncle or friend may stand in.

More daring brides are now choosing to walk down the aisle alone, testimony to their independence and loving the moment alone – and that’s cool too! It’s dramatic, its bold and it’s a celebration of the woman that is!

So, this week’s Fab Friday Tip? Do what works for you! Walk down, dance down, be accompanied by whomever you choose – don’t be afraid to stamp your own individuality on being ‘given away’.



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