Angelica Peady {Central Coast Engagement Photography} Jaala & Brent at Pretty Beach

It all began with a Ferry Master. That’s Brent. And the theme for this gorgeous engagement shoot grew from there.

Jaala and Brent are the beautiful couple and in search of a series of stunning images that pay homage to Brent’s nautical profession we headed to Pretty Beach and had an easy, loved-up session to celebrate their impending nuptials. The pictures are stunning. They capture the anticipation of a lifetime together, the bond of two people in love and the intimacy of a very special relationship. All with a sea-faring twist!

Jaala and Brent have a warm, comfortable dynamic that you just know will set them in perfect stead for a happy journey together. They most simply, adore one another which was lovely to both watch and photograph.

As for the images, everybody loves a man in uniform right? And the romance of the Ferry Master and his blushing bride has a story book-esque feel that I just love.

If you are thinking of a couples or engagement shoot we’d sure like to hear from you. From something highly themed to natural outdoors portraits (or in-between!) we believe that this special time in your lives together should be documented in beautiful images. Contact us to share your ideas – or if you don’t have anything specific in mind we can help you develop a concept. There’s nothing we enjoy more than creating something amazing that represents the life and loves you share and telling your unique story in beautiful, highly personal pictures.


marine themed shoot

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