Angelica Peady {Sydney Portrait Photography} Photographers Play Date: The Dancing Bride Sneak Peak

You may recall other images from my recent photographer’s play date you can view them here and here. I’ve been bogged down back at the furnace of wedding photography so in the meantime here’s a sneak peak of the final look we shot on the day.

This look was inspired by ballet. To me, it captures the whimsy and softness of the model and a ballerina perfectly. The feel is almost 50’s prom and as a photographer who’s speciality is the ‘unique’ or alternate bride this vintage influence is the kind of quirky-yet-gorgeous look we love at Angelica Peady Photography.

Once again, my greatest thanks go to the stylist, Viktoria Novak and Hair and Make Up Artists, Reelfx and Roxanne Cahill. A dream team that contributed to this gorgeous image. More to follow later, until then – enjoy!

beaded bridal headband