Angelica Peady {Wedding Video Fusion} Lisa & Mark – Norman Lindsay Gallery – See their wedding video reel here!

Video fusion is the latest trend in wedding photography and we are delighted to be at the forefront of this popular medium. Later this month we will be sharing ‘officially’ on the blog what we are offering, the specific product choices and the costs for adding this to an Angelica Peady wedding photography package. In the meantime, we are super excited to share with you our latest masterpiece a fun, up-beat and totally gorgeous wedding video fusion of Mark & Lisa’s ‘big day’.

You will recall Mark & Lisa from their images which we shared yesterday, so today it is wonderful to be able to not only give you more of their wedding day to enjoy but also showcase our own capabilities and what can be done to extend your wedding photography package.

If wedding video fusion is something you might be interested in we would love to hear from you. Our approach in this field is highly collaborative, we want the couple to work with us to achieve a look and feel for their reel that truly captures the spirit of their day. Mark and Lisa are fun-loving, soccer fanatics so it was appropriate to celebrate their passions and incorporate this motif into their video.

To see what ‘video fusion’ is all about click below and enjoy. We do warn you though – the energy and fun of video fusion is highly contagious. You’ll undoubtedly want it for your own wedding too :)

Please stay tuned to the all new Angelica Peady Photography website for a full information pack on our video fusion offerings – or you can’t wait until that goes live please call us today!

Note – for best viewing please use the Vimeo pop up shown below. This format is not yet available for iphones so if you are on a mobile device please select the youTube pop up below.

Mark and Lisa Wedding Fusion Video from Angie Peady on Vimeo.