Angelica Peady {Boudoir Photography} Miss Mandy: Trinity Beach, Cairns.

When you think boudoir you traditionally imagine images shot in the home or most commonly the woman’s bedroom. For the more daring girl the world is your oyster – your boudoir shoot can be any place you can think of, and here’s an example of just that!

You may recall that we photographed a wedding in Cairns earlier this year and whilst there we were able to also sneak in a fabulous outdoor creative boudoir shoot with the smoking hot Miss Mandy. A Cairns local, Mandy is very much part of the tropical culture and it seemed apt to lure this stunning alternative model from her bedroom to Trinity Beach. Nestled between two headlands this little slice of paradise provided a stunning backdrop only outshone by the subject herself.

Mandy’s confidence and ease is extremely appealing, her naturalness in front of the camera made for a captivating series of sensuous yet edgy images celebrating her unique beauty and the coastal setting. I adore these pictures and how they tell the story of Mandy – her smoky eyes, fiery hair and intricate tattoos – a woman that turns heads everywhere she goes.

If you are considering boudoir photos we would love to discuss your ideas with you. From traditional to artsy we are an all female team who understand the feminine form and how to make you look and feel your very best. Boudoir photography is a celebration of yourself – so why not treat yourself (and your significant other!) to an indulgent, beautiful set of images today? You can see more of Angelica Peady’s boudoir images in our portfolio and also on the blog.