Angelica Peady {Vintage Boudoir} True Glamour with Retro Dames

Vintage…. Vintage weddings, vintage boudoir, vintage anything!! We just love the classic glamour, red lips and refined elegance of bygone eras. In fact we consider ourselves to be experts in shooting this genre (“vintage inspired photography”), so when the opportunity arose to run a day of themed, indulgent shoots with the girls from Retro Dames we were more than excited!

If you don’t know of Retro Dames, please head to their site and see their superb work. Let’s just say these girls are the reigning queens of vintage hair and make up in Sydney and beyond. Love them.

Soooo vintage-vavoom? Yes and more –  here is stunning Jasmine. One of our beautiful subjects for the True Glamour sessions. Just breath-taking.

Believe it or not, Jasmine is not a model! Definitely gorgeous but just a real-life, ordinary girl like you and me. That’s the most fabulous thing about doing a glamour shoot, it’s a life changing, all-empowering experience. A chance to look and feel amazing and to be totally immersed in a moment that just for once is all about you (especially if you are a Mum – just take that time and do it for yourself!)

The results of course are not only priceless, special pictures but a woman who walks a little taller and seem a little bit more self-assured. It’s an opportunity to feel so very good about yourself the ‘high’ goes well beyond the photo session.

And who couldn’t do with a little glamorous pick me up?

If you are interested in having your own vintage inspired makeover be it with a look that’s channeling any past decade  Angelica Peady Photography and Retro Dames are about to launch a package for this very offering. We can’t wait to share the specific details with you in a future post. And if you can’t wait until then – and heck, these shoots are awesome fun so why would you want to wait? :) – please email us today for further information!