Angelica Peady {Portrait Fusion} Family Skateboarding Portrait + Video Session

Okay, wow! WOW. There are so many things we love in this session I don’t even know where to start.

Firstly, some totally off the wall and unique family portraits. A family who wanted something fun and funky that represented them and who they are – that is just right up my alley. Add skateboards. And a handful of really cheeky kids with wide grins and cool sneakers. And then throw in gorgeous light and lots of love and laughing and VIDEO FUSION and I think that checks all the boxes.

Yep, we loved everything about this fab family shoot.

Video fusion is not just for weddings. We’ve shown you examples of it with Mark & Lisa, Phil & Corrine and our Pretty Beach engagement session but we are now also pleased to offer video fusion for family portraits (or any other kind of shoot).

Video fusion captures the spirit of a photo shoot, it shows the stories behind the moments and it’s a totally awesome way to record special pieces or occasions from your family life – and even more awesome to share with family and friends.

So, click on through and see our latest video fusion of my ‘skateboarding’ family and their wild and wacky ways. Have to make mention and offer a special two thumbs up acknowledgement to how cool this Mum is, totally carving some moves on her skateboard with the kids. I’ll close now and let you enjoy this film – thanks for being so fun and for making this a wonderful session guys xoxo

What’s that saying about the family that plays skates together? Love it.

All on Board! from Angie Peady on Vimeo.