Angelica Peady {Sydney Engagement Photography} Jenna & Adrian @ Vivid by Day

Congratulations to one of our newest bride and grooms to be Jenna & Adrian! It’s funny how life works, we met this pair while shooting a wedding last year and now we are to be their wedding photographer in 2013. These weddings are a contagious business :) and I love that! I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This shoot was taken back in winter when the Vivid Festival was on in Sydney. We took advantage of the incredible installations scattered around the city and explored our home town with new eyes. Beautiful art, lots of cozy back alleys, interesting architecture and these two love bird combined for a great session and some striking images…

Jenna & Adrian are a wonderfully warm and relaxed couple. They love to be together and they share a great sense of fun. That said, they were a little bit unsure about being in front of the camera so it was fabulous that they trusted me to direct them and let them find a comfortable place.

This really brings me to touching on the importance of having an engagement shoot before your wedding day. Aside from the fact that its lovely to have special couples portraiture of this time in your lives, an engagement shoot is a chance to get used to being photographed – and to get used to your photographer. It’s a time that I spend building the couples confidence in themselves and in their ability to be photographed – as well as getting to know them and get a feel for how we (as photographers) will fit into their wedding day. I can’t emphasise enough how important this is and the difference it makes for a couple and for the images that can be achieved. A relaxed, natural and happy bride and groom will not only enjoy the experience but look so much better in their pictures!

So, back to Jenna and Adrian – here they are in all their engagement bliss! Guys, thanks for a wonderful time together. We wish you happy planning and can’t wait to shoot your wedding next year. You are going to be a gorgeous bride and groom and we can’t wait to share in your ‘big day’.

For more information on engagement photography in Sydney or Sydney surrounds please contact Angelica Peady Photography by email or phone call. We would love to discuss shooting this special time in your lives for you. Whether you are camera-shy or camera confident we can deliver the amazing images you are dreaming of. We look forward to hearing from you xoxo