Angelica Peady Photography {Engagements} Kim, Ryan & The Blizzard Shoot!

Kim and Ryan are to be married in Windsor later in the year and we are very much looking forward to being their wedding photographer. If you follow the blog regularly you will know that we like to do an engagement shoot with all our brides & grooms (see here, here and here for recent shoots!) We love to spend this time getting to know you, capturing beautiful images of this truly special moment in your lives and to importantly give you some ‘shoot experience’ and loosen you up in front of the camera.

It came by chance that Kim and Ryan’s engagement shoot ended up being during a blizzard. I mentioned in passing that we were to shoot a snow wedding and they immediately decided that a ‘change of scenery’ would be a fab idea for their own shoot. Having holidayed in the snow these two knew that Perisher was a special place and a winter wonderland would be a fairytale setting for their engagement images.

I have to admit I was excited.

I love a couple with an adventurous spirit and I love a shoot that tells a story, so I crossed my fingers and did a weather dance. I hoped for white mountains. I hoped for swirling snowdrops drifting from the sky. I desperately wanted mother nature to show me her icy cold beauty at it’s very best.

And I may have just wished a tad too hard.

On the morning of the shoot Kim and Ryan contacted me. ‘There’s a blizzard forecast‘ they told us. I didn’t hesitate in my reply, ‘We’re game if you are!‘ and that’s how I found myself shooting these crazy in love people knee-deep in snow.

These image are some of my favourites. They are fun. They are dramatic. And they celebrate Kim and Ryan being themselves and having a ball – laughing, snuggling and occasionally shivering – together. That’s what love is though right? Having someone to cuddle with when you are cold :)

Later this week I can’t wait to show you the video fusion of this shoot – you’ll see just how windy it really was, and of course, more of these two love birds in the snow!