Angelica Peady Photography {Portrait Fusion} Our Snow Engagement Shoot

This video is hard to describe. It has a beautiful, contagious spirit that is difficult to capture in words. Despite being filmed in frozen temperatures it has a warmth and infectious energy that will touch you and make you feel something. The subjects are happy. They’re in love. And you can just feel the thrill of the moment. Watch it and you’ll see exactly what I mean…

You will of course recognise Kim and Ryan from our snow engagement shoot earlier this week. Kim was the gorgeous girl in the red beret and Ryan her strapping fiancée in the dapper grey wool coat. If you loved that shoot as much as we did you will be totally excited to see what we have to share with you today – a video fusion of this blizard-swept session.

This is a behind the scenes look at what we got up to, shooting amidst the elements, half-buried in snow and you’ll get a taste for just how wild and woolly the actual day was. Yep, this was ‘extreme photography‘ but if you follow the Angelica Peady Photography blog you’ll know there’s not much we won’t do for an amazing image :)

If you’d like to see more video fusion from Angelica Peady Photography you can also check out our recent skateboarding family shoot and our nautically inspired Pretty Beach engagement session. We’ve also recently offered fusion at several weddings including this soccer inspired couple and the ultra romantic nuptials of Phil and Corinne.

So, here is it. As I said in my opening, the words to describe this shoot are just a little far from my grasp. But it’s awesome. So watch it and I know you will love it as much as we do…


Kim + Ryan from Angie Peady on Vimeo.