Angelica Peady Photography {Fine Art Concept} I was late to the wedding because…I was moody blue!


If you are a regular reader of the Angelica Peady photography blog you will be familiar with my passion for shooting fine art or styled shoots. My “I was late to the wedding…’ series have been an ongoing love of mine and have been published widely. You may recall my award-winning Black Swan images as well as other shoots which you can see here.

Earlier this year I was fortunate to team up with Sally Thompson of Blushing Blooms and co-style a series called I was late to the wedding as I was moody blue… we assembled a dream team of local wedding specialists and told the story of a sad but beautiful runaway bride!

Firstly, my fabulous creative peeps – hair and make up by Retro Dames, flowers by Blushing Blooms and cakes by Jo of Sweet Bites. All amazing, lovely people that you must check them out if you need their respective services.

This very special shoot was highlighted with many blue motifs. It tells the story of a stunning bride, half-dressed for her wedding. She admires her gorgeous cakes, her stunning flowers and hesitates to finish dressing. She languishes in her thoughts, drinking tea and contemplating what lies ahead. She writes a note for her beloved and pulls on her blue jeans. There will be no wedding today – feeling lighter and free she runs into the woods her veil trailing behind her. Throwing her bouquet (and caution) to the wind she leaves the wedding and her commitments behind her… 

I love this shoot for so many reasons! Firstly, I love a bride who themes her day with unusual and special details. It shows how wonderful the images can be in telling the story of the efforts of the bride and also the story and look of her wedding. I am all about details and you can see a few of my other weddings with fabulous details here and here. The other reason I love this shoot is because it demonstrates the concept of bridal boudoir – totally hot right now and a genre that we really celebrating at the moment. If you are a bride and would love some fabulous images of yourself we’d love to discuss this with you. You might also be interested in our Retro Boudoir shoots or something more contemporary.

Thanks everyone who came together for a wonderful, happy and totally inspiring day of ‘feeling moody blue’. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I did creating them…