Angelica Peady Photography {Vintage Boudoir} The Lovely Miss Hayley – Retro in Sydney

Today our Sydney boudoir gal is the stunning Miss Hayley. Like many women Hayley wanted to treat herself to some gorgeous, indulgent pictures of herself. Hayley is a creative type and a lover of all things vintage (a bit like us!) so we knew that she’d want some glamour shots with a retro-edge.

Hayley is a smouldering blonde bombshell and her beautiful looks combined with the retro accessories she bought with her to include in the shoot made for fabulous images with a pop of vibrant colour. Platinum hair, smokey eyes and creamy skin combine in a series of special, timeless pictures that Hayley will enjoy of herself for years to come.

What I really like about this shoot is that its a great example how any woman can do a boudoir session and the images can be tasteful and sensual without showing ‘anything’ at all. The hint of femininity is fare more alluring in the subtle curve of a hip or suggestion of lace and I feel that skilled boudoir photographers can achieve this without pushing their clients to show more and more.

Of course if you want to bare a little more flesh that’s always fine and you can see some different examples of our work including bridal boudoir, beach boudoir and couples boudoir – but the most important thing is that we are adept at finding a happy, comfortable place for the subject. This is a fun, empowering experience we promise!

A boudoir shoot should be a celebration of the subject – the very best, most beautiful version of herself at that moment in time. At an Angelica Peady boudoir shoot the subject will both look and feel amazing and we know how to ‘work’ you to ensure that your assets are maximised and any less-than-perfect bits you don’t love quite as much are hidden! We have a first-class hair and make up team available for styling and plan your shoot details with you prior to the day including how you would like to look and what you should wear. You can see plenty more about boudoir photography in Sydney with us here.

Is it time for your on boudoir photography session? I think it just might be….