Angelica Peady {Lithgow Wedding Photography} Gemma & Zac at the Glen Davis Boutique Hotel, Capertee Valley

At Angelica Peady Photographer whilst we are traditionally Western Sydney wedding photographers we love to shoot in the Lithgow area. We’ve previously shot at the Railway Museum and also a real junkyard wedding so it was wonderful to once again find ourselves enjoying being Lithgow wedding photographers and travelling to this rich and unique area. The Capertee Valley is absolutely amazing, it’s the second largest canyon in the world and is surrounded by heritage listed wilderness. It’s a stunning location just to visit but a to-die-for place to hold your wedding.

Gemma and Zac exchanged their beautiful vows with the sandstone cliffs as the background, it was both dramatic and exhilarating. The one thing I can say definitively is that nothing could however outshine the bride’s wide smile. Gemma is possibly the most radiant bride we have ever shot and I do believe that her joy and excitement can actually be ‘felt’ in every single image! There’s nothing more contagious than a happy bride so it was a true pleasure to spend the day with Gemma (and Zac!) and witness her delight throughout the day.

Gemma wore a striking, non traditional gown with Victorian influences by our favourite off-beat designer, Gallery Serpentine. If you love their structured looks be sure to also see my bride’s Jaala, Jinny, our black swan shoot and my steampunk-inspired goddess, Gloria. Gemma’s handsome beau and their male attendants wore black with striking rich red details and a special mention to Gemma’s father ever dapper in his vest with a striking fob watch and chain.

The Glenn Davis Boutique Hotel is a glorious art deco venue and provided both exceptional photo opportunities and warm hospitality for Gemma & Zac’s guests. I do love a character building and never tire of the curved lines and intricate patterns of the buildings of this era!

In closing, I must say thank you to my bride and groom, a pair so evenly matched and adoring of one another that I know their lives together will be wonderful. I hope that the bliss of your wedding carries with you for all your days ahead and wish you love, happiness and a fun and wonderful journey together as Mr and Mrs! Thanks Gemma and Zac. Congratulations… 



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