Angelica Peady Photography {Studio News} Our New Look & Feel

If you are a regular reader of the Angelica Peady Photography blog or follow us on facebook you may have noticed that big things – big changes – have been happening around here!

Firstly we are delighted to formally announce our new logo and our new website complete with a re-branded look. It’s fresh, it’s whimsical and its darn pretty.

What you need to know is that while our new ‘outfit’ is shiny and straight off the rack the team and the work at Angelica Peady Photography has not changed. We are still a Sydney based husband and wife team who are passionate about beautiful, affordable, meaningful wedding photography. So, rest assured the important stuff is all just as it was!

If you are wondering why we changed we are happy to tell you! Firstly, it’s important to evolve and stay current. We wanted how we felt on the inside and how are images feel to also be projected in our overall branding and execution. And we wanted to shift our look to be softer, more romantic and more all entirely magical. Just how we feel our images are.

We’d like to thank Sprowt who did our magnificent new design and made this new step in our business growth possible!

So, just as we said, same stunning images….

Fresh & fabulous new look. 

Welcome to the “all new” Angelica Peady Photography. (Apart from the awesome images, lovely team and great customer service. That’s still just the same…)