Angelica Peady {Womens Portraiture Sydney} Glamour Imagery & Offbeat Looks

American poet and authoress Emily Dickinson once said ‘Beauty is not caused. It is...’ And in today’s gorgeous glamour portraits this is so very much the case! Kaity was a change of pace for me after a wonderful run of shooting mother and daughter glamour imagery  (go on – you should so do this!) and recent couples shoots (so freaking hot right now!) so it was exciting to work with her more edgy yet still gorgeous look.

I do believe that our Sydney make over photography shoots can literally create beauty, we certainly can assist you in seeing a more sexy, confident and va-voom version of yourself. What however is most lasting – other than amazing portraits of course, is the new-found fabulousness that all my girls leave the studio with after a day of being pampered, shot and embracing their inner goddess. Be it from vixen to classic beauty we love to work with women of all walks of life to celebrate their look and create some show-stopping images. Everyone is beautiful – let me show you how!!

If you have been a long-time follower of the Angelica Peady Photography blog you will know that we are open-minded to all forms of self-expression – we love beauty in all it’s forms. Tattoos, piercings and off beat, less traditional looks are a favourite of mine so whatever your look my team and I are adept at making your ‘vibe’ shine in front of the camera.

Kaity is one of my non-traditional beauties. I adore her elfin look and her intricate body art. What I loved most was her want to push the boundaries to create some gorgeous images that were quirky and cool and more of a non traditional woman’s portrait. If you can dream a ‘look’, my team and I can create it. We don’t care about shape or size, colour or any of that jazz – we know how to make you look and feel your very best!

Our Sydney glamour portraits and Sydney boudoir photography is growing rapidly and I am so delighted that Sydney women are treating themselves to this make over + photo shoot experience. Whatever the reason you feel like having amazing portraits taken we look forward to hearing from you.