Wedding Photography plus Bridal Boudoir bonus offer!

CONGRATULATIONS!! I hear you’re getting married!! How about giving your man a sexy wedding gift that he will remember your forever.

Have you been thinking about surprising your husband-to-be with a sexy gift on the eve of your wedding? Perhaps you’d like to give him a gorgeous framed print that he could unwrap before he heads out to the ceremony? Or what about an album full of of sexy images: you wearing your boyfriends favourite shirt over some sexy lingerie? or the veil you will wear on your wedding day? high heels and suspenders? or perhaps wrapped in a simple crisp white sheet? Whatever look you’d like to create for your gift for your man, we’d love to make it happen!!

Are you wondering what to wear to your bridal boudoir shoot? Why not wear everything you plan to wear on your wedding day… your lingerie, the garter, the veil, and of course all that bling. How about a more casual boudoir look? We love a pair of cotton briefs and an off the shoulder loose knit, or knee high socks, or a simple teddy or a floral robe. How about creating a more edgy boudoir look? You could try a fur stole, or wrap yourself in tulle or a vintage piece of fabric? What about sequins? Anything with a bit of sparkle will photograph amazingly well!

We’d love to hear from you! Why not get in contact with us to find out more about our special wedding boudoir offer!

And of course we’d love  to share some of gorgeous brides and their bridal boudoir images.

Enjoy xx

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