{Couples Portrait Session} Kylie and Martin at Lake Parramatta

If you’re a regular follower of our blog you may know that we often photograph our couples in an engagement / couples portrait session prior to their wedding. We think it’s a great way for us to get to know each other a little better prior to the wedding and it’s an excellent test run for being in front of the camera. We understand that most couples may not be used to being in front of a camera (that’s why we often arrange to do photoshoots ourselves – so we understand what it’s like to be in your position – and we get great photos of ourselves too!)

During these sessions Angie usually shows you how easy it is to have us photograph you. She’ll show you a few poses that you might be asked to do on the wedding day but mostly we show you how we create natural candid images by giving you a little direction and getting you comfortable around us and our cameras. Simple right? lol. Well… it kinda is :)

For Kylie and Martin’s engagement session we met up at Lake Parramatta (we’ve visited there before for Trudy and Jeremy’s engagement session). A lovely spot with some long grass and lots of natural sandstone that’s really accessible. We got to do a bit of exploring around the waterside to capture that golden afternoon light.