{In the Media} Arlie and Dean’s wedding in Cosmo Bride’s Real Wedding Annual

If you are a regular follower of the Angelica Peady Photography blog you’ll know we’ve been in print on many occasions and you may know that we get pretty excited  when our work is featured in an actual magazine!! We still rush into the newsagent, scour the shelves and then madly flick until you see your pictures staring back at you in wonderful, published glory.

And that’s just what I did when I knew we had Arlie and Dean’s wedding in Cosmo Bride’s ‘The Real Weddings Annual’ issue for 2014.

You may recall Arlie and Dean’s Southern Highlands wedding held in Bowral – with all its country charm and DIY glory. And my team and I were the lucky ones that got to capture their weddings in images and in film (which you can view here).

So, here’s some shots of the magazine spreads – love!

But before we go… a big thanks to Cosmo Bride, awesome issue!!!

And a massive congratulations to Arlie and Dean for planning such an amazing day that Cosmo thought was worthy of print!