Blue Mountains Wedding Videography – Wes and Alyssa’s Short Wedding Film

If you’re a regular follower of our blog, you would know that in 2013 we started to offer wedding videography to our photography clients. Today we’re pleased to present Wesley and Alyssa’s short film.

At Angelica Peady Photo and Film  our goal is to create a film that makes you smile and keep you and your friends coming back for more. These films are are set to music, so there’s no pressure to perform by getting your vows exactly right or evidence of the embarrassing story told during the best man’s speech. While we capture video from through the day, we have a documentary style that fits in so well with our wedding photography.

We’re loving this extra service that we can provide to our wedding clients and without further delay, here’s Wesley and Alyssa’s short wedding film…

Alyssa and Wesley {blue mountains wedding videography} from Angelica and Benjamin Peady on Vimeo.

Oh by the way – we do also offer full videography for weddings – just fill out our contact form to find out more.

Want to see more from Wesley and Alyssa’s wedding? You can view their wedding photography here.