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I was late to the wedding because… my car broke down!

I’m am so excited to share with you another in our latest series of Couture Bridal Portraits.

Ok, the set up story for this shoot is simple. Louisa, our bride, was driving herself to her own wedding (she is another headstrong bride like our feature bride from last week.) Quite simply the car broke down. Louisa tried to fix the car so decides to walk up to the main road to hitchhike.

Our shoot is inspired by all things vintage. Our vintage car sets the tone for the shoot, the dress has touches of vintage lace and the bouquet, is the icing on the cake, full of antique roses and decorated with a strand of pearls.

Here are the vendor details:

Dress: Hilde Heim

Flowers: Petals and Leaves

Makeup: Tahlia Wood Mobile Makeup Artist

Hair: Jaylee Starling of Gardner Hair Design on 0409 829 289

Bride: Louisa is who is available for modelling work – you can contact her here

Car: is available for hire for the weekend – contact us for more information

Enjoy our images from the day     🙂

Angie xx

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Wedding: Brian and Maria at Tebbutts Observatory

It was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon the day Maria and Brian were married. It was a small wedding filled with dear family and friends and it was obvious everyone was truly happy for them. It was such a relaxed wedding and just a pure pleasure to be capturing the images for such a lovely couple.

Maria’s nephews and nieces were the flowergirls and pageboys and they played their roles perfectly. I especially loved it when Maria and Brian were dancing their bridal waltz and all the children danced a circle around them – it was so cute!!

They married at Tebbutts Observatory, Windsor. Ben and I love this venue as it’s where we tied the knot ourselves – so it’s special to us. I am always recommending this venue to anyone who asks for suggestions.

If you would like to know more about Tebbutts, you can find their website here. Maria’s hair and make up was done by Nicolle from ReefEfx and you can find out more here. Of course if you’d like to consider us to photograph your wedding use the contact tab above and we’ll take it from there.

Here are some of my favourite photographs from their wedding. I hope you enjoy them,

Angie xx

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Swimming with the fishes – our underwater bride.

One of the out takes from our underwater bridal shoot.

I was late to the wedding because… I drove into a lake!

Finally it’s time to share our underwater bridal shoot!

Our latest in the series… was actually the first that we photographed and it was great to get started with such a tricky shoot. Stephanie our model was the first one to put her hand up to model underwater for us and we’re so happy that she did! She was so great and continued diving underwater until we got the shot – a big thanks to Steph for being so amazing. The dress was purposely designed for our underwater shoot by Rosalynn Winn – you can see more of her gorgeous gowns on her brand new website. Rosalynn took the time to design something special that was inspired by water and designed to flow under the water. I would like to thank the 2 Josh’s that helped out on the day. Thanks to Tahlia for her gorgeous makeup up skills yet again. Thanks to Kat for the gorgeous flowers as always and to Roxane who provided the headpiece.

The story behind this shoot: Our bride is a headstrong bride who is driving herself to her wedding. As she is keeping with tradition and running a little late she decided to touch up her makeup whilst on her way to her ceremony. Unfortunately she was concentrating a little too much on her lip gloss instead of where she was driving, which was when she accidently drove into a lake. She was able to climb out the window and wait for help on the roof but she got sick of waiting and decided to swim for it… hence the gorgeous underwater images.

Gown by Rosalynn Winn:

Makeup by Tahlia Wood-Mobile Makeup Artist: 0433 795 822

Headpiece by Roxane of Lady Vintage: 0416 088 380

Flowers by Katrina from Petals and Leaves:

Thanks for visiting and we’d love to hear your thoughts   🙂

Angie xx

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I was late to the wedding because… the horse bolted!

Another fabulous Couture Bridal Portrait.

I have lots of people to thank for this one. Let me first start by telling you a bit of background to developing the shoot.

I had never heard of vaulting before my makeup artist Rochelle mentioned it to me. One of her neighbours, Lyn, coaches vaulting and even Rochelle’s 8 yr old daughter is training in this sport. It got me thinking though… could we actually have a bride, in a wedding dress doing acrobatics on a horse? I was so surprised when our vaulter, Krystle was willing to give it a go – we were even happier when she said she would try to do as many maneuvers as she could whilst dressed in a wedding gown.

So Krystle is not a bride (she tells me not ready for that just yet) however she is a fabulous athlete. She is currently traveling throughout Europe training and participating in Vaulting competitions. She is the current NSW State Vaulting Champion and has made it through to participate in the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky in October. Krystle, you are truly amazing! Thanks for all you effort on the day.

Lyn coaches the Sydney Vaulting Group, who are based in Oakville and she tells me they cater for all ages and abilities – even grooms! You can find out more on their website

Thanks to Rochelle for the hair and makeup – brilliant job and thanks for all your help assisting on the day   🙂   You can contact her via email:

Thanks to Kat from Petals and Leaves for her fabulous flowers – which you will see at the end of the shoot. You can find out more on their website

I really hope you enjoy this shoot as I think it’s kinda spectacular   🙂

Angie xx

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I am always interested in hearing interesting ideas for bridal shoots, or even your wedding   🙂


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I was late to the wedding because… the ink wasn’t dry

If I have ever photographed you and you have a tattoo – you would know that while I love tattoo’s, I especially love to photograph them. I’m having flashbacks to Matt and Mel’s wedding and I remember Mel saying to me “Ok, you better get your tattoo fix” at my request to photograph Matt’s tat’s before the night was out. I only have one tattoo (and that is pretty tragic) but I love the fact that tattoo’s are so different and such a personal reflection of who people are.

Karen, our bride, was actually a bridesmaid at Matt and Mel’s wedding. I had approached Karen to be my model bride before their wedding and when I turned up to Mel’s house on her wedding day there was Karen – times like that you think ‘small world’.

Our 3rd in the “I was late to the wedding series…” was shot at the Wicked Ink Tattoo Studio in Penrith. A big thanks to Karen for dressing up again and trusting us.  Thanks to Rosco, our tattoo artist who was fabulous on the day – his work is amazing and he was such fun! I would highly recommend him for your next tat – and in fact, I’m going to get him to do some artwork on Ben. Thanks to Wicked Ink for letting us use the shop. Thanks to Tahlia from Tahlia Wood Mobile Makeup Artist who is contactable on

Enough from me! Enjoy!!!

Angie xx


Andrew and Talitha are on Rock ‘n Roll Bride!!

Today the Fun Fair shoot was shared on Rock ‘n Roll Bride!
Click here to view the whole post!

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I was late to the the wedding because… we were having too much fun at the fair


“I was late to the wedding because…” is a series we are currently working our little hearts out on. It is a series of 12 shoots, all with an outrageous reason why a bride (or groom) might be late to their own wedding. It’s about having fun and doing something different. We have used a mixture of real brides and in some cases a friend who was willing to have a bit of fun and dress up. We are also promoting local wedding vendors – so with each shoot I will include all of the people who have helped and donated their time and wares. They feature our Couture Bridal Portraits (there is more info on these below.)

Andrew and Talitha were married last year but after talking with us, they were keen to do something a little different.
After many emails with Talitha, I knew she and Andrew would be perfect for a fun fair shoot we had been dying to make happen. We wanted a certain look – 50’s inspired hair and makeup which was perfectly created by Sofia Rodi and I knew we had to have a lollipop bouquet and thankfully Kat from Petals and Leaves made it a reality – she even created two lollipop buttonholes for Andrew.

The Hawkesbury Show happens 1 weekend a year in Richmond. This smaller sister show of the Royal Sydney Easter Show was the perfect opportunity to shoot our 50’s Fun Fair bridal shoot. We knew we wanted to have fun on all the rides and games – we weren’t sure what games there would be but we had an idea of what we were hoping for. We made sure we headed for the carousel – we thought these would be our favourite images but it wasn’t until Tali and Andrew said they were happy to go on the swinging chairs that the magic started to happen – of course I have to mention Ben here – he was the one who suffered a little (he would say a lot) by being up in the chairs with Tali and Andrew – only he was riding backwards and looking through a camera lens. Needless to say, he was feeling a little queesy after the ride. I got to keep my feet firmly on the ground and capture the ride from a different perspective.

Couture Bridal Portraits are a new service that Angelica Peady Photography is now offering. We create editorial images that are created in consultation with you for you.
It’s a perfect way to cure the post wedding blues and dress up in your wedding attire again – simply because you can. We love the chance to be creative and come up with outrageous ideas that reflect who you are. We supply the hair and makeup artists, the flowers, accessories and all the concept designs.

Gown: Skarr Bridal, Neutral Bay (sydney)
Styling: Angelica Peady
Photography: Angelica Peady Photography,
Flowers: Petals and Leaves,
Makeup: Sofia Rodi. Ph: 0450 964 519
Accessories: Photographers own
Location: Hawkesbury Show, Clarendon Showground (held one weekend a year)

We would love to hear your feedback on this shoot – so feel free to leave comments 🙂

Angie xx

PS there will be another shoot released on our blog next week!!

Sydney Wedding: Mark and Danielle at Bellevue Hill and Hyde Park

I am so keen to share Mark and Danielle’s Sydney wedding on the blog.

The day started off as a rainy morning in Sydney but when we arrived at Danielle’s house you would have thought the sun was shining bright – the rain wasn’t bothering anyone.

I would like to dub Danielle ‘the smiling bride’ as she did not stop smiling the whole day. Actually, all of the families of Mark and Danielle were so happy and so lovely to us the whole day. This wedding was truly a day about family. I loved listening to the minister tell the story of how Mark’s grandfather and father built and fitted the cross to the roof and more impressively the same cross still sits atop St Stephen’s Church in Bellevue Hill.

After the ceremony we headed to Hyde Park, we didn’t know how we would go in the rain – secretly I was looking forward to it as I knew that as long as it wasn’t pouring we would end up with some great shots – the paths look great when they glisten from the rain.

This was also the first wedding where I didn’t have Ben shooting with me. I did however have my lovely photographer friend Annie la Rue shooting with me on the day. I would like to say a special thanks to Annie for all her help on the day. I am looking forward to the next time we get to photograph together.

Congrats to both of you Mark and Danielle.

Angie xx

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Penrith Wedding: Matt and Mel at The Log Cabin

Finally I get to share Matt and Mel’s fabulous wedding with you.

Such a gorgeous local autumn wedding – there is certainly something special about the afternoon lighting in autumn – it was truly beautiful. The ceremony and the reception were held at The Log Cabin Inn, Penrith with a little detour via the Weir. Matt and Mel picked a great location for the ceremony, overlooking the Nepean River and the timing of the ceremony was perfect as the setting sun added a lovely golden hue over everything.

Matt and Mel live on The Gold Coast but Mel grew up in Penrith – I actually went to the same school as Mel and was in the same year as her sister Kerrie (who was one of the bridesmaids.) Lesley (Mel’s mum) had arranged a surprise limo to take the girls to the venue – the first image is Mel’s look of surprise and can’t you just hear Lesley saying ‘da-dah’?

I love that Matt and Mel are so easy going and adventurous – they were willing to go cross country to get to the location that we had envisioned ever since we started talking about their wedding plans last year.

Congratulations again to you both and I look forward to catching up with you next time we’re on The Gold Coast.

Angie xx

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